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Welcome to Urban Medi Spa, your oasis of tranquility and refinement in the heart of Croydon. We are thrilled to introduce you to our comprehensive waxing services, designed to offer you a world-class grooming experience that leaves your skin silky smooth and impeccably polished. At Urban Medi Spa, we believe that beauty lies in the details, and our exceptional waxing treatments reflect our commitment to excellence.

Embark on a journey to effortlessly flawless skin with our range of expertly curated waxing treatments. From the intimate to the indulgent, each service is executed with precision and care, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout the process. Our skilled aestheticians possess a deep understanding of the art of waxing, guaranteeing a professional and discreet experience that exceeds your expectations.

Discover the perfect balance between indulgence and efficiency as you choose from our array of waxing treatments:

Bikini / Extended Bikini: A subtle refinement to keep you feeling confident and comfortable.

Brazilian / Hollywood: A bold choice for those seeking a sleek and entirely smooth finish.

Half Arm / Full Arm: Unveil velvety arms with a choice between partial or complete arm waxing.

Half Leg / Full Leg: Reveal smooth, touchable legs with precision and care.

Half Back / Full Back: Achieve a polished appearance with our meticulous back waxing treatments.

Half Face / Full Face: Enhance your natural beauty by taming unwanted facial hair.

Lip, Chin, Lip & Chin: Refine your facial features with our precise and gentle waxing services.

Eyebrow: Frame your eyes with perfectly sculpted eyebrows tailored to your unique features.

Hands & Toes: An elegant touch to complete your grooming regimen.


Navel Line, Stomach: Achieve a sleek look with waxing treatments that cater to specific areas.

Nipple Area, Chest: Tailored solutions for well-groomed confidence.


Underarms: Experience the freedom of smooth and hair-free underarms.


Full Body: Embark on the ultimate grooming experience with our full body waxing treatment, leaving no area untouched for a flawless finish.


At Urban Medi Spa, we understand that waxing is not just a treatment—it's a ritual of self-care and self-expression. With the use of premium-quality waxing products and techniques that prioritize your comfort, our goal is to make your waxing experience as luxurious as it is effective. Unwind in our serene environment and entrust our skilled aestheticians to reveal your skin's natural radiance through the meticulous art of waxing.

Indulge in a level of service that redefines your waxing experience—welcome to Urban Medi Spa, where refinement meets relaxation, and where the details make all the difference.


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Eyebrow Waxing


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